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Linux Desktop Garage
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24 hrs.
release date:
February 2005
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status: current
Author(s): Susan Matteson
language: English
pages: 352
ISBN: 0131494198
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Enter your Linux Desktop Garage
Don't just survive with Linux: thrive

Find tools & info to do practically everything, such as:

Ripping your CDs (&DVDs)

De-Spam-ifying your email

Capturing, editing, organizing your digital photos

Chatting with your Linux-deficient IM pals

Tracking your contacts, appointments, life

Transforming Firefox into easy blogware

Finding great substitutes for your Windows apps

Diving into a veritable plethora of games
product description

Where you get the truth (unvarnished)

Where you get productive (quick)

Where Linux is fun (honest)

Your guide: Susan Matteson, real user, real expert

She reveals the fun stuff (from MP3s to desktop wallpaper)

Demystifies the essentials (from file management to passwords)

Simplifies the tasks they said were easy, but weren't (until now)

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Step-by-step instructions for both Mandrake & Fedora Linux
Zero-hassle tips for managing & personalizing your PC
Gnoppix Linux on CD-ROM (run Linux without touching Windows)

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