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Linux Desktop Hacks
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release date:
March 2005
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Author(s): Nicholas Petreley, Jono Bacon
language: English
pages: 318
ISBN: 0596009119
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With hacks that any user can follow, Linux Desktop Hacks demonstrates how easy it is to modify Linux to suit your desires. The book is packed with tips on customizing and improving the interface, boosting performance, administering your desktop, and generally making the most out of what X, KDE, Gnome, and the console have to offer.
product description

The KDE and Gnome desktops have developed into mature operating environments. These technologies not only act as interfaces between the user, the powerful Linux kernel and GNU operating system, but they do so in a fun and intuitive way. Many users are content with the tools and facilities included with these desktops, but--for those who are ready to probe a little deeper--much more functionality can be found by going under the hood.

If you're yearning for information to make the Linux desktop easier, more powerful, and more fun, Linux Desktop Hacks is just the ticket.

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From the practical to the whimsical, and some things you never thought of trying, the hacks in the book include the following, and more:
Kill and Resurrect the Master Boot Record
Jazz Up Your Debian System Boot
Energize Your Console with Macro Music Magic
Konquer Remote Systems Without Passwords
Run KDE on the Bleeding Edge
View Microsoft Word Documents in a Terminal
Read Yahoo! Mail from Any Email Client
Motion Capture and Video Conferencing Fun
Automate Your Life with cron
Protect Yourself from Windows Applications
Make an Internet Connection Using Bluetooth and a Mobile Phone
Print to Unsupported Printers
Accelerate Your Gaming

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