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Mandrake Linux ProSuite 9.1
Platform: x86
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status: current
version: 9.1
format: CD-ROM & DVD
packaging: Boxed set
license: Open Source License
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These are the official boxed products, directly from Mandrake Linux.
Introducing the ideal ready-to deploy solution for small & home offices who require a dependable, secure, and scalable enterprise network. Prosuite 9.1 features today's best server tools plus a workstation DVD.

product description

Proven server applications such as the Apache Advanced Extranet Server (the fastest growing server on the Internet) ensure high-performance results. Advanced utilities such as RFBDrake (Remote graphical control) and URPMI (automated installation of software packages) makes administration and configuration of services a snap.

The 9.1 Prosuite Edition not only provides world-class server solutions, but also includes a complete workstation DVD packed with the most up-to-date and full-featured office & productivity software. The single DVD makes it easy to install all the workstation applications from one source, instead of managing multiple CDs.

Last but not least, the ProSuite 9.1 includes an evaluation version of IBM's DB2 Universal Database for Linux software, a leading relational database.


Deploy servers and workstations in no time

With the Auto-Install feature and the latest version of URPMI, the Prosuite 9.1 can be deployed in parallel on several servers and workstations.

Benefit from the secured Apache Advanced Extranet Server and A pache 2 to easily create a web-based server.

Take advantage of Postfix, SendMail, POP3 and IMAP to create full-featured messaging servers.

Easily deploy Samba to provide file and print services for Microsoft Windows® PCs (supports Windows' ACLs).

Database Server:

- Keep data secure with the world-class database servers MySQL and PostgreSQL.

- Try a full evaluation version of IBM DB2

Heterogeneous environments support with Samba.

Support for Zeroconf (easy network configuration).

Secure your business

Security is key in today's networks for maintaining organization effectiveness. With the exclusive DrakSec System Security Manager, and the inclusion of an antivirus tool, Mandrake Linux offers robust options for securing networks.

Authentificate users with the LDAP, NIS and Kerberos naming services.

Journaling file systems: ReiserFS, Ext3, XFS or JFS protect the integrity of system data. For additional security, data can be encoded with an Encrypted File System.

Customized security alerts let you stay aware of the latest threats and maintain a high security level.

Take advantage of cost-effective administration utilities

Providing full-featured graphical configuration tools, Mandrake Linux ProSuite 9.1 is easy to set up, deploy and maintain, thereby greatly reducing administration costs.

RFBDrake: graphical remote control software for helpdesks, compatible with Windows.

URPMI: an automated software management system. A MandrakeSoft exclusive, URPMI automatically resolves software dependency issues.

Benefit from comprehensive server support

The ProSuite Edition includes support that covers: Installation and configuration Web Server (Apache) Mail Server (Postfix) File and printer sharing for Windows® (Samba) FTP Server Secure remote administration (SSH)

Premier Open Source software included:

Linux Kernel 2.4.21 (Enterprise Kernel supports up to 4Gb RAM).

Apache 2.0.44, MySQL 4.0.10, PostgreSQL 7.3.2,

PHP 4.3.1, Glibc 2.3.1, gcc 3.2.2,

RPM 4.0.4, KDE 3.1, GNOME 2.2, Xfree86 4.3 and QT 3.1, GNU tools.

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  product contents
Main Benefits
8 CDs featuring the best server software
1 Workstation DVD
IBM DB2 Universal Database for Linux" (90 days full trial version)
5 phone incidents valid for 60 days
90 days web support via MandrakeExpert
3 manuals

  product system requirements
system RAM first user: 64 MB
x86 minimum: 586 proc
system RAM recommended: 500 MB
Kernel: 2.4.21 version

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