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Abria SQL Standard Suite
Platforms: x86, PPC, Sparc
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24 hrs.
release date:
October 2000
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status: current
version: 1
format: CD-ROM
packaging: Boxed set
license: N/A
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The Abria SQL Standard Suite includes everything that you would need to setup a MySQL development environment. It includes Abria SQL Standard, Abria MySQL Administration Training CD-ROM and Abria App Pack, in one cost effective super bundle.
product description

Abria SQL Standard:

Abria SQL Standard offers a turnkey installation of MySQL 3.22 and 3.23 (beta), Perl 5.6, Perl DBI 1.14, PHP 3 & 4, Apache Web Server 1.3.12, and Webmin in 10 minutes!

Abria MySQL Administration:

MySQL Administration is an interactive, computer based training CD-ROM designed for someone with some database experience who wants to learn how to administer a MySQL database server.

Abria App Pack:

The Abria App Pack is a collection of the best of breed Open Source applications that strongly compliment an Abria SQL Standard installation.

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Abria SQL Standard
Abria MySQL Administration CDROM
Abria App Pack
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