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BRU Workstation 17.0
Platform: x86
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version: 17.0
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packaging: Boxed set
license: Single License
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BRU Workstation 17.0 Backup & Restore Utility is a functionally-rich backup solution designed for commercial networked systems when the client/server capability of BRU-Pro is more than you need. Available to support a multitude of platforms, BRU Workstation protects data via NFS, AFS, SMB, and NetAtalk mounted filesystems.
product description

BRU Workstation, BRU Desktop, and BRU Personal Edition are the high-performance UNIX backup and recovery utilities designed for maximum reliability, speed, flexibility, and ease of use.By making UNIX backups easy, fast, and safe, it's much more than just a replacement for typical backup utilities.

BRU is a complete solution with a multitude of options. BRU has provided "Backup You Can Trust" for UNIX systems since 1985, and for Linux systems since 1994.Your data is your most valuable computing asset.Feel confident knowing your data can be reliably restored when using BRU.

Exceptional Reliability

-Data Verification.BRU ensures that your backup is correct by verifying archives in two different ways, using checksums or by performing a bit-by-bit comparison with the original file in contrast to tar-based solutions.

-Anytime Verify™ allows you to re-verify your data at anytime.

-Error Detection and Recovery.BRU detects and recovers from most errors that occur while reading or writing.Unlike other utilities which stop on errors, BRU makes several attempts to read and recover the maximum amount of data from damaged archives.

-AUTOSCAN™Verification.BRU will automatically scan each archive tape and verify it for errors immediately after it is written.Customer-proven detection of problems caused by hardware or software errors works like an "early warning system" to detect problems before they become serious-like a tape drive that is just starting to fail.

-Sparse Files.BRU will properly backup and restore large sparse files.

-Long Pathnames.BRU will backup and restore files with pathnames up to 1023 characters long.This is useful for networked systems or for filesystems with deep directories.100 characters is the limit of other backup utilities.

-Automatic Execution Logging.Because backups are serious business, you want to know immediately if anything went wrong.BRU automatically writes any warning/error messages to a special execution log file.The file also contains time-stamps of when BRU started and stopped.

Complete Flexibility

-Quick File Access (QFA) on select platforms provides faster access to files on tape to shorten restore times.

-Unattended Backups.A special background mode lets you schedule BRU to run under cron, allowing backups to be performed overnight.

-Support For Any Type of Device.BRU is device-independent and works with any native OS supported storage device.If your system can see it, BRU can write to it.

-Handles Special Files.BRU will backup and restore all types of files, including special device files, links (symbolic and hard), pipes, empty directories - all the files that are skipped by utilities like tar.BRU will backup and restore every file on your disk.

-Faster Crash Recovery.Since BRU will backup and restore all files, this saves time and makes it easier to restore your system in the event of a crash.

-CRU™ (Crash Recovery Utility) creates custom boot disks to easily manage a bare metal total system restore.CRU is available for Intel Linux and SCO versions.

-Protective File Restore.Restores files only from the backup tape that is newer - protects you by NOT overwriting files that have been recently updated (unless you force it to overwrite all files).

-Easy Integration.Dozens of options and environment variables make it easy to include BRU as a shell script or menu system.With BRU, you can do backups your way - exactly how you want to do them.

-Point-and-click interface for file and directory level backup and restore, fully scriptable from the command line.

-Translate-on-Restore™.Rename or move files when restoring.

-Root-only Restore.Restores just the files in the root directory, excluding files from other filesystems.

-Smart Restore™.Restore active shared library and executable binary files without crashing the system.

-Multiple Volume Archives.With BRU, archives can span more than one tape, allowing you to do backups of any size.

-Faster Backups.BRU is "tunable" for peak performance, so you can run your tape drive at its maximum rated speed.

-Back Up Live Filesystems.It's not necessary to go into single-user mode.

You can backup all the mounted filesystems or choose individual filesystems.

-Incremental/Differential Backups.Sometimes you don't want to back up everything.You can save time (and tape) by backing up only the files that have changed.Other options let you select by owner or type of file.

-Raw Data Partitions.Backup and restore raw data partitions (often used by database programs like Oracle).

-Select by Directory Depth.With this option, you can specify how many directory levels you want, which enables you to backup or restore ONLY the files in a directory, but NOT the files in the directories below it.

-Include/Exclude Files.You can direct BRU to include or exclude certain files or directories in a backup (or restore).By specifying certain patterns (wildcard or regular expressions), you can perform customized backups.

-Data Compression.BRU can save space on your archive tape by compressing data as part of the backup operation.Files are usually compressed by 10% to 90% (depending on the type of data).Like all BRU data, the compressed files are saved in a special error-detection format.Compression is done in memory (no temporary disk space is used), so files of any size can be compressed. BRU speeds up the backup by not attempting to compress files that are already compressed.

-Works with all tape drive formats, removable disk technology, disk-files, MO, DVD and more.

Smaller Network Support*

-Network Backups.BRU supports many different network protocols, including NFS, SMB and NetAtalk.BRU also properly backs up filenames that include strange characters and spaces*.

-Remote Tape Drives.Write backup data across the network to a tape drive located on another machine*.

Reliable Tape Management

-Tape Directory.A quick preview of a backup tape's contents eliminates the need for a time-consuming read.

-Tape Labeling.For easy identification, all tapes are automatically labeled with date/time information when BRU writes to them.An optional label containing up to 63 characters can also be specified by the user.To make sure the correct tape is used, label functions can also be used when restoring.

-Overwrite Protection.Protects against accidentally overwriting a recent backup tape (like the one from last night).

-Tape Stacker Interface.Use with any sequential tape loader or jukebox.

Easy-To-Access Support

-Built-in Help Pages.Useful when you can't find the manual.

-Backup Assistance Hotline.If you do have problems, we're here to help.

FREE for the first 30 days, renewable in low-cost, one-year increments.

*Feature Not Available in BRU Desktop

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  product features
BRU features at a glance:
Reliable - Full data protection, error detection and recovery assure accurate restores.
Safe - System monitoring reports dirty tape drives, bad tape drives and bad tapes.
Fast - Backup and restore at the performance level of your backup device.
Easy - Point-and-click interface for file and directory level backup and restore, fully scriptable from the command line.
Network backups using NFS, SMB and other system-supported protocols*.
Remote backups to tape devices located across the network*.
NEW! Quick File Access (QFA) on select platforms.
Works with all tape drive formats, removable disk technology, disk-files, MO, DVD and more.
Easy-to-schedule unattended backups.
Full backup and restore of raw partitions.
Supports networked Windows, Windows NT, and Macintosh files on Linux systems through NetAtalk and Samba*.
CRU™ (Crash Recovery Utility) creates custom boot disks to easily manage a bare metal total system recovery.CRU is available for Intel Linux and SCO versions.
Supports 64-Bit filesystems.
Itanium™ ready.
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