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Professional Perl Programming
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release date:
Feb 2001
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Author(s): See Features
language: English
pages: 1214
ISBN: 1861004494
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Perl is one of the most important scripting languages in use today. Open source, freely available, portable, versatile, and robust, powerful and easy to use, Perl is the first choice for thousands of professional web developers. But Perl is far more than a scripting language for the web. Supported by a comprehensive standard library and hundreds of third-party libraries, Perl is an increasingly popular choice for application programming.
product description

This book provides comprehensive coverage of the Perl language. It covers the fundamentals of data types and file handling through advanced features like regular expressions, object-oriented programming, threads, internationalization, and integrating Perl with the C programming language. The latest version of the language, Perl 5.6, is used throughout, with commentary for those with earlier versions.

Who is this book for?

Both aspiring and experienced Perl programmers will benefit from the expertise in this book, whether they are looking to develop serious applications, improve their productivity, or simply learn a more powerful and portable replacement for shell scripts. Whatever the task at hand, this book is an invaluable, detailed resource of the Perl language.

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  product features
List of authors:
Peter `Wainwright
Aldo Calpini
Arthur Corliss
Simon Cozens
JJ Merelo-Guervós
Chris Nandor
Aalhad Saraf

  product contents
What does this book cover?
In-depth coverage of Perl 5.6
Regular expression matching, text processing, and interactive text applications
Working with filehandles, filenames, and directories
Debugging and profiling
Using, manipulating, and creating modules and packages
Object oriented programming
Processes, interprocess communication, and threads
Network client and server programming
Unicode, locale, and internationalization
Portable Perl, Perl internals, and integrating Perl and C
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