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Professional Web Services Security
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Author(s): See description
language: English
pages: 575
ISBN: 1861007655
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Web Services is a new paradigm that has evolved over the years. With successful demonstration of its proof of concept, Web Services are gradually moving towards occupying an important mechanism for e-commerce, because of the industry's awareness of its potential for integration.
product description

This book presents secure web services for e-commerce along with their implementation details. Security is a not only a prime requirement to implement e-business, but also an important concern due to the fact that Web Services can penetrate through firewalls. XML based standards have evolved to cater to the security needs in Web Services, to supplement traditional proven techniques.

What is great about this book?

This book talks about the evolving standards in Web Services security, and the future directions they are likely to take.

Who is this book for?

This book is for Web Services developers who need real-world practical information on how to make their Web Services fully secure. It is also useful for security analysts who are responsible for the system's integrity.

Authors include: Whitney Hankison, Ben Galbraith, David Whitney, Ravi Trivedi, Andre Hiotis, Murali Janakiraman, D Prasad, Vamsi Motukuru.

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  product features
The book talks of:
Concepts of Web Services and security.
Detailed explanation of XML standards that have evolved to meet the security needs.
Basic concepts of the proven security principles and new challenges faced in the wake of evolving technology.
Concepts of security at various layers, including transport layer and application layer.
Practical security aspects of Web Services around .NET and J2EE.
Available toolkits and SDKs for implementing security in Web Services.
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