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Addison Wesley
  Linux Kernel Programming B000-330 Kernel $38.95  in stock [order]
  Linux for Dummies 7th Ed B000-473 Linux Overview (Novice-Intermediate) $26.95  in stock [order]
  Linux For Dummies, 6th Edition B000-412 Linux Overview (Novice-Intermediate) $20.95  in stock [order]
  Python For Dummies B000-478 Programming / Development $23.95  in stock [order]
  Linux Smart Homes For Dummies B000-477 Applications $18.95  in stock [order]
  Knoppix For Dummies B000-450 Distribution Specific $20.95  in stock [order]
  SUSE Linux 10 For Dummies B000-456 SuSE Linux $20.95  in stock [order]
John Wiley and Sons
  Linux All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies 2nd B000-469 Linux Overview (Novice-Intermediate) $27.95  in stock [order]
  PC Magazine Linux Solutions B000-465 Linux Overview (Novice-Intermediate) $20.95  in stock [order]
  Suse Linux 10 Bible B000-480 SuSE Linux $29.99  in stock [order]
No Starch Press
  Linux for Non-Geeks B000-364 Linux Overview (Novice-Intermediate) $24.95  in stock [order]
  The Linux Cookbook, 2nd Edition B000-385 Linux Overview (Novice-Intermediate) $27.95  in stock [order]
  Linux Music & Sound B000-187 Programming / Development $27.95  in stock [order]
  Programming Linux Games B000-242 Programming / Development $27.95  in stock [order]
  Linux Made Easy B000-436 Distribution Specific $24.95  in stock [order]
Novell Press
  Novell Cluster Services for Linux and NetWare B000-468 Applications $39.95  in stock [order]
  Securing & Optimizing Linux The Ultimate Solution B000-250 Security $35.95  in stock [order]
Osborne/McGraw Hill
  Linux File Systems B000-283 System Administration $34.95  in stock [order]
  Oracle Database 10g Linux Administration B000-447 System Administration $34.95  in stock [order]
  Linux Internals B000-284 Programming / Development $34.95  in stock [order]
  Red Hat Enterprise Linux & Fedora Edition The Complete Refer B000-358 Red Hat/Fedora $34.95  in stock [order]
  HackNotesLinux and Unix Security Portable Reference B000-332 Security $20.95  in stock [order]
  Hardening Linux B000-382 Security $27.95  in stock [order]
  Intrusion Detection B000-365 Security $23.95  in stock [order]
Peachpit Press
  Linux Firewalls, 3rd Edition B000-441 Security $34.95  in stock [order]
  Linux® Troubleshooting for System Administrators and Power U B000-472 unsorted $35.95  in stock [order]
  Moving to Linux, 2nd Ed: Kiss the Blue Screen of Death Goodbye! B000-438 Linux Overview (Novice-Intermediate) $27.95  in stock [order]
  Linux Quick Fix Notebook B000-415 System Administration $27.95  in stock [order]
  A Practical Guide to Linux B000-432 Programming / Development $27.95  in stock [order]
  Linux Kernel Development , 2nd Edition B000-423 Kernel $31.95  in stock [order]
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