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product name / manufacturer code subcat. price stock
  Managing and Using MySQL T000-193 MySQL $27.95  in stock [order]
  MySQL Cookbook T000-217 MySQL $34.95  in stock [order]
  MySQL in a Nutshell T000-300 MySQL $27.95  in stock [order]
  MySQL Reference Manual T000-258 MySQL $27.95  in stock [order]
  Essential PHP Security T000-310 PHP $20.95  in stock [order]
  PHP Cookbook T000-221 PHP $27.95  in stock [order]
  PHP Hacks T000-314 PHP $20.95  in stock [order]
  PHP in a Nutshell T000-311 PHP $20.95  in stock [order]
  PHP Pocket Reference, 2nd Edition T000-220 PHP $9.95  in stock [order]
  Programming PHP T000-196 PHP $27.95  in stock [order]
  Upgrading to PHP 5 T000-275 PHP $20.95  in stock [order]
  Web Database Applications with PHP and MySQL T000-198 PHP $31.95  in stock [order]
  Web Database Applications with PHP and MySQL, 2nd Edition T000-267 PHP $31.95  in stock [order]
  Effective awk Programming 3rd Edition T000-140 Awk $27.95  in stock [order]
  Advanced Perl Programming, Second Edition T000-305 Perl $27.95  in stock [order]
  Learning Perl Objects, References & Modules T000-233 Perl $24.95  in stock [order]
  Perl 6 Essentials T000-235 Perl $17.95  in stock [order]
  Perl and LWP T000-195 Perl $24.95  in stock [order]
  Perl and XML T000-197 Perl $24.95  in stock [order]
  Perl Cookbook, 2nd Edition T000-238 Perl $34.95  in stock [order]
  Perl Debugger Pocket Reference T000-249 Perl $6.95  in stock [order]
  Perl Graphics Programming T000-219 Perl $27.95  in stock [order]
  Perl/Tk Pocket Reference T000-066 Perl $6.95  in stock [order]
  Learning Python, 2nd Edition T000-245 Python $24.95  in stock [order]
  Apache Cookbook T000-243 Apache $20.95  in stock [order]
  Apache Security T000-299 Apache $24.95  in stock [order]
  Apache: The Definitive Guide, 3rd Edition T000-218 Apache $27.95  in stock [order]
  SSH The Secure Shell T000-128 Security $27.95  in stock [order]
  Mastering FreeBSD and OpenBSD Security T000-297 BSD $34.95  in stock [order]
  The Complete FreeBSD, 4th Edition T000-232 BSD $31.95  in stock [order]
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