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Linux Game Programming
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March 2001
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Author(s): Mark Collins
language: English
pages: 368
ISBN: 0761532552
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Linux Game Programmingis your guide to creating games with Linux. With the dawn of the new Xfree86, the time is right for Linux enthusiasts to dive into game programming for their Linux/OpenSource operating systems.
product description

With the growing interest in Linux on the desktop, it is only a matter of time until everyone will want high-quality Linux games. With commercial developers now setting up in-house teams for porting thier titles to Linux, people are finally acknowledging that the OpenSource platform is a viable gaming platform. Linux Game Programming is your guide to game development for Linux, covering all the APIs and methodologies you will need, as well as some more advanced techniques rarely discussed in other game development guides, such as neural networks and genetic algorithms. You will also find valuable information on 2D graphics using SDL, Xlib, and SVGAlib; 3D graphics using OpenGL; networking, lobbying, and threading; artificial intelligence and learning systems; genetic algorithms; and much, much more!

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Prima Publishing

  product contents
What's on the CD:
The Latest Linux Kernel Source
Indrema Entertainment Software Development Toolkit
Mesa 3D Version 3.4
Pretty Poly Editor
Linux SVGAlib
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