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Programming Linux Games
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Author(s): Loki Software, Inc.,John R. Hall
language: English
pages: 415
ISBN: 1886411492
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Programming Linux Games: Building Multimedia Applications with SDL, OpenAL(tm), and Other APIs is a complete guide to developing Linux games, written by the Linux gaming experts
product description

Discusses important multimedia toolkits (including a very thorough discussion of the Simple DirectMedia Layer) and teaches the basics of Linux game programming. Readers learn about the state of the Linux gaming world, and how to write and distribute Linux games to the Linux gaming community.

About the Author:

Loki Software, Inc ports best-selling PC games to Linux. Loki supports several Open Source development projects, including OpenAL(tm), a cross-platform 3D-Audio Library, and SDL MPEG Player Library (SMPEG), a general-purpose MPEG video/audio player for Linux. JOHN HALL is a computer science student at Georgia Institute of Technology and a contractor with Loki Software.

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