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Securing & Optimizing Linux The Ultimate Solution
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Sept 2001
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Author(s): Gerhard Mourani
language: English
pages: 856
ISBN: 0968879306
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Securing & Optimizing Linux: The Ultimate Solution
In OpenNA's second book on securing and optimizing Linux, Gerhard Mourani shows new ways to crucial solutions for Red Hat Linux 7.1 edition.

product description Inc. is pleased to announce that Sir Sanford Fleming College of Ontario Canada is using the book "Securing and Optimizing Linux: The Ultimate Solution" for their course "Managing Internet Services" 1070435. The course 1070435 is a high level course specializing in Managing Internet services.

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  product contents
Use of the capabilities of the /proc filesystem for security and optimization
Optimized Monolithic & Modularized Kernel version 2.4.x IPTABLES NetFilter (configuration available for DNS1, DNS2, Mail, Web, and Gateway Servers)
Security tools like: Xinetd, OpenSSL, OpenSSH, Tripwire, sXid, PortSentry, LogCheck
Apache with PHP4 / Mod_Perl / Mod_SSL (also available in chroot jail)
ISC BIND/DNS version 9 with TSIG and DNSSEC
Mail server like: Sendmail with SSL support and Qmail
UW IMAP with SSL support
Database server like: MySQL and PostgreSQL with SSL support
OpenLDAP in chroot jail with SSL support
Wu-ftpd completely rewritten
Samba with SSL support and many more.
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