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Linux File Systems
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Author(s): Moshe Bar
language: English
pages: 512
ISBN: 0072129557
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Written by renowned Linux expert Moshe Bar, this high-end resource explains how to configure and implement the file systems now available in the Linux 2.4 kernel, including Ext2fs, VFAT, NTFS, VFS, and the Journaling file systems.
product description

The book also covers the Logical Volume Manager (LVM) now incorporated into the kernel. The bonus CD-ROM contains the source code to the file systems discussed in the book.

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Osborne/McGraw Hill

  product contents
1 Introduction
2 Compiling a Kernel
3 What's a File System?
4 The Linux VFS
5 LVM (Logical Volume Manager)
6 RAID with Linux
7 The Second Extended File System (ext2)
8 IBM's JFS Journaling File System for Linux
9 ReiserFS for Linux
10 XFS
A The Software-RAID HOWTO
B References
C The Loopback Root Filesystem HOWTO
D Linux Partition HOWTO
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