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 / root / Linux Books / Linux Overview (Intermediate-Advanced)
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Linux Debugging and Performance Tuning: Tips and Techniques
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October 2005
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Author(s): Steve Best
language: English
pages: 427
ISBN: 0131492470
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Learn Linux debugging and optimization—at kernel and application levels—hands-on!

This is the definitive guide to Linux software debugging and performance optimization at both the kernel and application levels. Using extensive Linux code examples, Steve Best systematically introduces open source tools and best-practice techniques for delivering bug-free, well-tuned code.
product description

Drawing on his exceptional experience optimizing Linux systems for IBM, Best covers issues ranging from memory management and I/O to system processes and kernel bug messages. You'll walk through real debugging sessions, discovering the strategies experts use to debug even the most complex application- and kernel-related problems. You'll master sophisticated profiling techniques for identifying and resolving bottlenecks more quickly and learn how to capture the right data in the event of trouble.

Linux® Debugging and Performance Tuning will be indispensable for every developer who needs to supercharge the Linux kernel and applications, and for every administrator and support specialist who must resolve Linux reliability or performance issues.

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Prentice Hall

  product features
Coverage includes
Bottleneck identification
Code coverage
Debuggers: gdb, kgdb, and KDB
Memory management
/proc kernel data analysis
System process monitoring
Network performance
Oops bug messages
Syslog and event logging
Execution traces
Profiling kernel behavior
Cache misses
User-Mode Linux
Dynamic probes
Crash dump analysis
And more...

  product contents
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