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Novell Cluster Services for Linux and NetWare
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release date:
May 2006
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Author(s): Rob Bastiaansen
language: English
pages: 312
ISBN: 0672328453
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Need to configure or manage Novell Cluster Services on NetWare, Linux or a mixed environment? Pick up a copy of the official reference guide, Novell Cluster services for Linux and NetWare. This book blends in-depth information with practical, real world examples to cover cluster services configuration strategies, backup requirements, cluster services management, and upgrading tactics. You'll gain invaluable insight from authors Rob Bastiaansen and Sander van Vugt, two Novell Certified Instructors with day-to-day experience consulting on the topics covered in this book. Master intalling and managing Novell Cluster Services with the tutorial not available from anyone else, Novell Cluster Services for Linux and NetWare.
product description

About the Authors

Sander van Vugt is a Novell Certified Instructor (CNI) and works as a trainer and consultant specializing in Novell and Linux. Sander has written several articles for Linux Journal and Novell Appnotes, as well as several books on Linux, networking and NetWare. He is a frequent speaker at Novell BrainShare Barcelona.

Rob Bastiaansen is an experienced trainer and instructor of Novell products including Novell Cluster Services. He has been a featured speaker at Novell BrainShare Barcelona and The Advisor GroupWise Summit in Europe. Rob has written and translated several technology titles.

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