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Linux Starter Kit
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release date:
June 2006
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status: current
Author(s): Emmett Dulaney
language: English
pages: 128
ISBN: 0672328879
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The Linux Starter Kit is a complete package bundling a bestselling Linux desktop operating system with a Quick Start Guide and a complete reference in searchable electronic format. The kit has everything a beginning Linux user needs to try out Linux and needed to allow you to quickly and effortlessly get up to speed with a new operating system.
product description

It walks you through the installation or update process to the new version, and then explains the differences in the included graphical desktops and how to efficiently administer the operating system. In a recent comparison of Linux desktop operating systems done by Redmond Magazine, SUSE LINUX Professional was chosen as the operating system ready to take on Windows. It has the features and application set that users need and the only hurdle left is to give them a package that makes it easy for them to install and start working with it, which is exactly what this Starter Kit offers.

About the Author

Emmett Dulaney is the author of several books, including Novell Certified Linux Professional (CLP) Study Guide and Novell Linux Desktop 9 Administrator's Handbook for Novell Press. A columnist for UnixReview and CertCities, he regularly contributes to several other magazines and teaches at Anderson University.

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DVD with SuSE 10.1
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