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Suse Linux 10 Bible
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February 28, 2006
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Author(s): Davies, Whittaker, and Von Hagen
language: English
pages: 852
ISBN: 0-471-75488-9
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A guide to SUSE Linux 10 covers such topics as installation, using the command line, implementing network services, running an FTP server, and using Windows with Samba.
product description

Includes new coverage of Novell Linux Desktop and Open Enterprise Server (Novell's traditional environment running on SUSE), with information on YaST management tools and the OpenExchange e-mail server

Introduces basic Linux methodologies, including partitions, filesystems, filesystem layout, and more

Covers the SUSE system, command line programs, implementing online services, and using SUSE business tools in the enterprise setting

Features a section devoted to end-user needs

Also covers virtualization, including dosemu, wine, Crossover Office, uml xen and Vmware, expanded coverage of SUSE with sendmail, CUPS, LDAP and more

Companion DVD includes the SUSE Linux distribution

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John Wiley and Sons

  product contents
Book and bonus DVD with Suse Linux 10.0
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