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Mandrake Linux 10.0 Discovery
Platform: x86
in stock
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24 hrs.
release date:
May 2004
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status: current
version: 10.0
format: CD-ROM
packaging: Boxed set
license: N/A
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Are you looking for an easy-to-use alternative to Windows or the Mac OS? The Discovery Pack lets you adopt Linux with the shortest learning curve. Discovery has been designed to provide all the essentials in a simplified package, thanks to an automated installation procedure and hand-picked selection of applications. You get office, multimedia and Internet software, in an attractive and intuitive environment. Just place the Installation CD in the drive and let yourself be guided. Discovery also includes popular commercial applications and plugins such as Macromedia Flash™, Adobe Acrobat Reader™, and RealPlayer™.

product description

Additionally, Discovery includes Mandrakemove -- the portable version of Mandrakelinux that runs directly from a CD and requires no installation. Mandrakemove is the most trouble-free way to discover Mandrakelinux and is also a great opportunity to show your friends how easy and amazing Mandrakelinux really is.

Main Features


Discover the full-featured Linux office suite --fully compatible with Microsoft Office documents

Send faxes with Kdeprintfax, manage projects with Planner, manage finances with GnuCash, plus much more!

Commercial applications: Adobe Acrobat® Reader™, Real Player™ and Flash™


Manage your personal information with Kontact New!

Browse the Web with Konqueror, chat with Kopete, create your own website with Quanta, transfer files (FTP) with Kbear, and much more!

Enjoy Music, Video and Graphics!

Listen to music files and watch videos with Totem

Edit images and digital photos with The Gimp

Scan documents with Kooka, import and sort your digital photos with Kimbada, watch TV with Tvtime, burn CDs with K3b, plus much more!


Arcade, Adventure, 3D...

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Mandrake Soft

  product contents
Two CDs plus One Move CD New!
Manual: Discovering Mandrakelinux
30 days of standard web support for free New!
One free month of Standard Level MandrakeClub membership
One free month of MandrakeOnline Personal Solutions New!
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