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Mandrake Linux 10 Official for AMD 64
Platform: x86_64
in stock
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24 hrs.
release date:
May 2004
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status: current
version: 10.0
format: CD-ROM
packaging: Plastic Sleeve
license: N/A
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Mandrakelinux 10.0 Official for AMD64 combines the strengths of the 10.0 distribution with the latest technology of AMD Athlon™64 and AMD Opteron processors. 10.0 Official for AMD64 is based on the PowerPack 10.0 with significant performance enhancements in all of the applications.
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product description

AMD64 technology provides more efficient memory access and doubles the number and the size of processor registers. Furthermore, Mandrakelinux 10.0 Official for AMD64 provides perfect compatibility with 32-bit applications.

This is the ultimate product for power users who demand the highest performance!

Main features of Mandrakelinux 10.0 Official for AMD64

Faster with higher Performance New!

Kernel 2.6

Full support for AMD 64-bit architecture which is on average 20% faster than traditional 32-bit systems


Full compatibility with all 32-bit applications

Easy to use

Automated Installation Process

Benefit from automatic hardware detection* and configuration

Intuitive wizards and configuration utilities in the Mandrakelinux Control Center (Centralized Configuration Center)

NTFS partition resizing without data loss


The latest graphical interfaces and themes

KDE 3.2 and improved window decorations New!


System installation in the language of your choice (68 available)

Mandrakelinux Control Center: 62 tools for easily configuring your system

URPMI: Automated software management


Support for SMP architectures

Support for USB2 and IEEE1394

Serial ATA* support

Remote and Local Printing (with CUPS)

Multimedia device support (webcams, scanners, etc.)

Video cards compatible with NVIDIA, ATI™, Matrox and many more!

Automatic 3D acceleration for:

ATI™Rage 128/Pro & Radeon, NVIDIA, Matrox G200/G400/G500 and much more!

Includes 32-bit OpenGL applications support* New!

Zeroconf support

ACL support for MS Windows

Support for Wi-Fi devices

Comprehensive support for classic modems, cable and DSL

Heterogeneous environment support with Samba

Tool for easy migration from Samba2 to Samba3 New!

Authentication on LDAP, NIS or Windows servers

Secure and Reliable

Security System Management (Draksec and Drakperm)


Easy to use partitioning software supports journalized file systems EXT3, ReiserFS, XFS,and encrypted file systems

*Most peripherals supported

Open Source Applications:

Linux Kernel 2.4 and 2.6, KDE 3.2 , GNOME 2.4, XFree86 4.3, Glibc 2.3.3, GCC 3.3.2, CUPS, URPMI and much more!

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Mandrake Soft

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