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Penguin Energy Gum - Peppermint
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Caution when Chewing, the Penguin Gum will have you addicted to the fresh flavors, with energy enhancements stimulating your mind. While chewing before class you may forget, but be forewarned that your teachers, even though this is the finest gum contained in a sweet tin case, will still ask you to spit your gum out if caught chewing. Obtain your fresh breath while stimulating your body by simply chewing a piece of Penguin Gum.
product description

This energy gum is from the makers of Penguin Peppermints, candy mint became world known because of their energy enhanced mints contained in the nice tin casing now they have released to us in energy formed pieces of gum. The Peppermint flavor of this energy gum contains Caffeine, yes that is right, caffeine enhanced energy gum while delivers enough caffeine to keep you running a while! Each piece of gum stimulates your energy and gives you that pepperminty fresh breath.

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  product contents
Pieces of Gum per Tin: 20
Weight: net wt. 0.29 oz(8.25g)
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