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Happy Hacking Keyboard Lite2 USB (White)
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24 hrs.
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our price: $89.95 [order]
status: current
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Introducing the new Happy Hacking Keyboard Lite 2 as a succeeding version of the popular award winning Happy Hacking Keyboard Lite. About half of a letter size paper, this compact size keyboard, with a consistent tactile feel and reliability now supports the USB interface.
product description

The Plug-n-Play Lite 2 also has two built in USB ports, which allows you to easily plug additional peripherals into the keyboard. The Lite 2 also sports a new feature: true arrow keys, which was made possible by the many requests we received from our valued users.

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  product features
2 downstream USB ports on the back (100mA max of each port)
The addition of the true inverted-T arrow keys at the corner responding to your request. It's very convenient in many applications and equipped lower than regular keys, it won't be an obstacle during your usual typing.

  product contents
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