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Gobolinux 011
Platforms: x86, i686, Athlon
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status: current
version: 011
format: CD-R
packaging: CD Sleeve
license: Open Source License
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We are pleased to introduce GoboLinux 011, the new major release of GoboLinux, the alternative Linux distribution. This release features the introduction of Compile, a new source-based compilation system. Other distinctive features are the switch to the kernel 2.6 series (2.4 still included), adoption of the Xorg X11 server, and a large number of upgraded packages.
product description

The Compile system

This release includes Compile 1.0.1, the first major release of the GoboLinux automated software compilation tool, Compile. "Compile" downloads source tarballs, unpacks, compiles and installs them, with a single command, using simple compilation scripts called "recipes". In this first release, the main GoboLinux repository already features over 500 recipes.

Some of Compile's distinctive features:

uses the projects' own download sites: the distribution's repository (or one of its mirrors) is only used for downloading recipes. Recipes may be downloaded on-the-fly or in batch.

minimalistic and declarative-oriented compilation scripts: typical "configure; make; make install" software can be scripted in two lines, greatly easing maintanance.

supports GoboLinux-style dependencies: software compiled "by hand" by the user is taken into account by the detection mechanism.

path-agnostic by design: also works in a Rootless-GoboLinux installation, ie, inside a $HOME directory of any other distribution.

GoboLinux still supports binary packages. GoboLinux 011 is compatible with packages created for versions 007 and 010.

Live CD

The GoboLinux CD serves both as an installation disc and a Live CD, with a complete graphical desktop featuring KDE, and a host of applications. In fact, due to the modular nature of the GoboLinux filesystem, every program available in the CD can be used directly from the "live" environment -- the work of the installer is to simply copy the user's selection to the destination partition (respecting dependency chains).

Graphical installer

Since version 010, GoboLinux features an installer that works on both text and graphical mode. The feature set of both modes is identical, thanks to the innovative AbsTK (Abstract Toolkit), created by the GoboLinux team especially for this installer: a unified widget toolkit for Python which detects and adapts itself for different environments. It currently supports two backends: ncurses/console and Qt/X11.

Hardware detection

GoboLinux uses a ported version of the Kudzu hardware detection system, used during boot of the Live CD. A large number of devices are detected, loading the appropriate kernel modules. Configurations detected in the Live CD initialization are then carried on to the installed system.

Video detection is performed separately, by the Xorg server's own autodetection mechanism. If for any reason video card detection fails while booting the Live CD, you can skip to the default, "vesa", which works for most cards (unaccelerated).

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