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Platform: x86
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June 28th 2004
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status: current
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format: CD-R
packaging: CD Sleeve
license: Open Source License
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GNUWin-II is a free software distribution for MS-Windows. It includes a large spectrum of programs, notably a whole office suite (MS-Office compatible), Internet utilities, development tools (C, C++, ...), typesetting software (LaTeX), calculus environments, games, etc.
product description

Welcome aboard GNUWin II !

GNUWin II is a free software compilation for Windows. You will find three main features on it :


GNUWin II includes numerous programs, completely free, which cover a wide spectrum of uses. The complete application list, sorted by type, is available here.

The software included in GNUWin is not shareware nor freeware, but original free software and Open Source software, for which the source code is available, and that is and will always be free (free both as in "free speech", and as in "free beer").

Most programs included in this CD are also available for free and Open Source operating systems, such as GNU/Linux, BSD, etc.


You will also find numerous articles that explain the free software and Open Source spirit.

On-line help and explanations for GNUWin

To help you discover the fascinating world of free software and Open Source, we ourselves wrote a few texts, notably a F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions) that should answer the first questions of most new users. If a particular term sounds unfamiliar to you, the glossary might be a great help. Furthermore, technical words found within the texts are links that lead to the respective glossary entry; you can thus simply click on a particular word if you want an explanation of its meaning.

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2 CD set
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