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 / root / Serial Display Modules / BLC (LCD with Mounting Bracket)
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BLC2041V Bay Insert 20x4 LCD Double Bay(Beige)
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BLC2041V- double 5¼" PC drive bay insert with LCD2041 display (4 line by 20 characters)This is a wide voltage model.This unit can accept (7-15 Vdc) and can be powered by a PC case 12 volt power lead.
product description

The Matrix Orbiatal LCD module line covers most of the popular LCD configurations. Control of the modules has been simplified to a set of commands delivered to the modules via RS-232 and I2C communications protocols.

Ease-of-use is our paradigm. Our modules are meant to save time and money. We have made every effort to ensure that tedious timing relationships and special conditions typical of display controllers are eliminated from our interface. For instance, our modules are fully buffered so that no delays in transmission are ever necessary.

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Matrix Orbital
Matrix Orbial Displays and Linux

  product features
Simultaneous RS-232 and I2C communications
RS-232 mode : Four baud rates to 19.2 Kbaud.
Serial transfers of up to 400 kbps in I2C mode I2C mode : Up to sixteen modules can be used on the same 2-wire interface.
Low power operation.
Reduced microprocessor overhead.
Fast operation : Write a 40 character message in as little as 1 msec., typically 30 frames per second
Software controlled:
Backlight; with configurable time-out setting up to 180 minutes
Contrast (-5V to +5V drive)
Output (10mA drive)
Line wrap and Auto screen scroll
Bar Graphs and Large Digits

  product contents
20 Character by 4 Line Liquid Crystal Display
Demonstration Software
B2041-Bracket accommodates a 4 line display For use with wide voltage module Bracket Dimensions: 146mm x 86mm x 60mm Face Plate Dimensions: 149mm x 86mm x 2mm
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