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 / root / Serial Display Modules / BVK (VFD with Keypad Interface)
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BVK202A-4BR (beige) PC Drive Bay Insert VFD w/Keypad Interface
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PC Drive Bay Insert, VFD with Keypad Interface - 20 characters x 2 lines. Also includes a short "standard serial" cable for the back of the PC. This cable option prevents having to feed the serial cable through a hole in the back of the PC. Very neat and tidy.
product description

This PC Drive Bay Insert includes a Serial VFD (20 characters x 2 lines) with a 7-key keypad. Embed this unit into a computer to monitor elements of the operating system, MP3 player or other applications.For communications specifications see the VK202-25.

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  product features
20 characters x 2 lines Display area: 70.8mm(L) x 11.5mm(W)
Character size: 2.4mm x 4.7mm
Bracket Dimensions: 146mm(L) x 43mm(W) x 60mm(T)
Face Plate Dimensions: 149mm(L) x 43mm(W)
Display color: Bluish green illumination;
Four, software controlled brightness settings
Overlay color: PC Beige (standard) or Black (-BK option)
Attractive and durable (coated rust-resistant steel mounting bracket; Lexan faceplate)
Functional Capabilities of Display
Display text, large digits, horizontal and vertical bar graphs
Software controlled speed, start-up screen, line wrapping, scrolling, contrast, and time-out setting (up to 180 minutes)
Memory chip saves settings
Custom start up/splash on screen

  product contents
Serial Vacuum Fluorescent Display with wide voltage (20 characters x 2 lines) - Product # VK202-25-V
7-key keypad overlay, bracket, RS-232 cable, power cable, and mounting screws
Software an manual on CDROM
Wide Voltage Option
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