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NE-2000 Boot ROM
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Boot ROM Chip for NE-2000 Compatible Network Boards.
product description

This chip is programmed to enable the network board to boot a Linux kernel from a server that is running a bootp service. The chip is designed for NE-2000 compatible network boards, having a 28 pin socket. Following the chip\'s installation, the NIC\'s configuration software must be run to set the NIC in a mode to access the bootROM.

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  product features
Diskless Linux Workstations provide the following benefits:
Low cost per seat.
Very low end-user maintenance.
Fully graphical user environment.
Compatibility with popular programs such as WordPerfect, Oracle, Informix, StarOffice, Applixware and many others.
Choice of Window managers/Graphical environments includes: Gnome, KDE, FVWM, Motif, Enlightenment and more.

  product contents
1 Boot ROM Chip
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