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DocBrowser: Universal Documentation Tool
Platforms: x86, PPC
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24 hrs.
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status: current
version: 1
format: CD-ROM
packaging: DVD style plastic case
license: N/A
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DocBrowser is a powerful, yet simple tool for using extensive software documentation in a variety of formats -- HTML, man pages, info files and more.
product description

DocBrowser is a sophisticated companion to any program development on Linux. It allows you to read documentation in a variety of formats and for a variety of special sub-systems.

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  product features
Any HTML pages with the title stored in the 'listview' that you can later rearrange by subfolder (the html doc pages for qtlibs are added by default).
Info files: you can have a sorted list with the name of the info file and the descriptions. Filtering can be used for quick search into the applicable 'info' file as well as a Context tree for rapid navigation.
Man Pages are sorted by the 'man' index pages with descriptions. Filtering can be used for quick search into the applicable 'man' pages as well as a context tree for rapid navigation.
Studiodoc: Specialized index of generated doc for Qt2.3.1 libs and KDE 2.1.2 libs. Find any class and member quickly as well as filter for a quick find of class and members. In this case you can copy include the string for the current class to the clipboard to paste into your code. Copy member name for pasting into your header file. For any class you also have a list of all inheriting members.
libc: Indexed and rapid interface into the libc documentation.
Navigation tools: Apply bookmarks to save favorite pieces of documentation, forward/back buttons for navigation and synchronization.
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