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Kivio mp
Platform: x86
in stock
ships in:
24 hrs.
release date:
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status: current
version: 1.0
format: CD-ROM
packaging: DVD style plastic case
license: restricted source license
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Chart your office, diagram your work, and map your thoughts with this premiere flowcharting and diagramming tool. Kivio mp is a full-featured application for creating flowcharts and diagrams -- a perfect tool to assist anyone who wants to organize their thoughts and workflow. There are over 30 diverse stencils included for everything from mind-mapping to chemistry and electronics. Kivio mp is simple to use and extend -- and best of all, versions for both Windows and Linux are included!

product description

Kivio mp is the enhanced version of our sponsored open source program Kivio (a component of KOffice), which we developed. It differs from Kivio in many ways, most importantly that it runs not only on KDE and Linux, but also on Windows platforms and soon also on Mac OS X.

Kivio mp makes use of our new restricted source license -- so you get the source, you just can't redistribute it. You can download updates of the application whenever you want, but it is intended that only the copies you purchased will be used (you can't buy 1 copy and give it to 10 people). You can purchase additional stencils later as they become available.

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  product features
51 page sizes and formats. Dynamically loadable stencils. Stencils support various attributes such as: Border width Foreground color Fill Style Gradient Solid Pattern Pixmap Arrow heads Text Generic vector drawing tools. Includes the following tools: Rectangles (with rounded corner) Arc/ellipse/pie Text Bézier curve Connector Intelligent toolbars that present you with the right tools when you need them. 31 types of arrow points with separated size/color values. Multiple pages per document. Organize your document according to your own needs. No need to be locked to a single canvas. Master pages. Create templates to use and reuse for your diagrams and flowcharts. WYSIWYG printing. Multiple measurement units for all values and value types. Grouping. Select any stencils you want, and group them into a single element for easier manipulation. Full clipboard support (cut/copy/paste/duplicate). Drag and drop support. Object inspector. Clipboard history. Paste previously copied stencils! Layer support. Stencils can be laid out on different layers for easier organization. Stencils also default to specific layers. For example, if you are laying out a floor plan, furniture goes on one layer, while walls and structural shapes go on another, and wiring on yet another. Customizable helper lines. Having a hard time getting your stencils to align properly? Drag a helper line out onto the document and your stencils will snap to it. C++ Plugin interface. Customizable user interface. If you do not like the layout of the screen by default, drag the various elements around until you are satisfied. Some elements even allow you to change their colors for a more pleasing look. Dynamically resizing grid. As you zoom in further and further on a document, the grid will constantly refine itself to allow you to place your stencils with more precision. Guide lines. Organize and lay out your flowcharts and diagrams with guide lines -- even diagonal ones.

  product system requirements
hard disk space: 10 MB
system RAM recommended: 64 MB
Kernel: 2.2x version

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