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KDE Studio Gold
Platform: x86
in stock
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24 hrs.
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status: current
version: 1.0
format: CD-ROM
packaging: DVD style plastic case
license: Open Source License
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KDE Studio Gold is a commercial release of our Open Source KDE Studio project. KDE Studio is already enormously popular -- why produce a commercial version? The simple answer is that there are several features and additions which are consistently requested, and we decided to bundle these (and more) together with full documentation into a product for professional KDE development.

product description

This new release delivers a full-fledged IDE for the development of sophisticated C++ KDE applications -- including the many utility features you expect from a modern development environment, such as code completion, dynamic syntax highlighting and popup function parameter lookup. Debugging is simplified by tight integration with kdbg in the IDE, and comprehensive documentation is provided in the form of a "Getting Started" guide and a reference manual.

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  product features
Powerful project control. KDE Studio Gold supports complex projects, composed of multiple executables, static or shared libraries, all in one centralized workspace, including support for multiple targets from a single project. Clear structure display. You can explore the structure of your classes in KDE Studio Gold with an intuitive tree view. Functions and data members are exposed for a quick understanding of library structures. The class tree is updated on-the-fly while you type your code. Easy navigation. With KDE Studio Gold, you can place bookmarks on your code to speed up navigation. Integration with Qt and KDE tools. KDE Studio Gold provides integrated support for Qt Designer files where clicking on a .ui file will bring up Qt Designer. Clicking on .po files brings up KBabel for translation. Extended commands for the .ui and .po files are available in the RMB menu. Qt Designer is a product from Trolltech AS. UI toolkit-independent development. KDE Studio Gold also supports development of non-KDE applications, with ready-made templates for console, X11 and Qt applications. User-managed project types are also available. Flexible compiler configuration options. Any subproject or even the whole workspace can be marked as user-managed. In other words, KDE Studio Gold would not use autoconf/automake for that project. Integrated test console. KDE Studio Gold has a dockwidget that contains a konsole KPart. This is useful in many ways, for example when testing text-mode apps without leaving KDE Studio Gold. Powerful debugger features. KDE Studio Gold offers a great number of tools for debugging your applications, like the following: breakpoints temporary breakpoints watchpoints single-stepping through code local variables display watch expressions display memory area display KDE-independent development. You can now create more than just KDE projects with KDE Studio Gold. The following types are supported: Custom (no Makefiles generated, only directory structure support) -- it's all based on Autoconf/Automake Console X11 Qt KDE Import projects from directory structure
Code folding New highlight engine (you can modify and add custom highlight by editing the XML file) For C__ file types we now highlight for all Qt and KDE class names Plugins for class diagram Quick project file creation from existing directory structure The doc browser can now browse and show Info files

  product system requirements
Kernel: 2.2x version

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