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Surf Safe
Platform: x86
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format: CD-ROM
packaging: Boxed set
license: N/A
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Protect your family from Internet pornography and other objectionable material - add SurfSafe web filtering!
product description

SurfSafe, a service that protects families by blocking inappropriate web sites and objectionable images, is the technology behind the new LindowsFamily Computer. Now, for the first time, you can have it for your own LindowsOS computer.

SurfSafe is a great solution for:

Responsible parents concerned with online safety

A second or third computer for your child's bedroom, the kitchen, or family room

Schools or libraries wanting to be CIPA-compliant (Children's Internet Protection Act)


SurfSafe will be appreciated by parents who are concerned with the content their children and family members can access while online, or schools & libraries who desire to be CIPA-compliant (Children's Internet Protection Act), businesses and other groups.

Recent market research shows cause for alarm:

In a recent study conducted by Net Value, 27.5% of the younger population in the U.S. (age 17 and under) had visited an adult web site (Net Value).

53% of teens have encountered offensive Web sites that include pornography, hate or violence. Of these, 91% unintentionally found the offensive sites while searching the Web. (The Safe America Foundation)

A research report published by the Informa Media Group estimates that worldwide revenue from E-gambling will climb to $14.5 billion by 2006 (eMarketer).

How does it work?

SurfSafe offers the ONLY web-filtering protection service that is integrated at the operating system level, for maximum assurance and peace-of-mind. This kind of close integration provides greater protection than that offered by MSN or AOL, whose parental control features can easily be defeated by simply opening up a separate browser.

With SurfSafe, your family is protected from web sites that are both known to contain objectionable material AND those that are brand new (haven't been added to the "bad sites" database yet). SurfSafe checks the content of these new, modified or dynamically generated web pages for known inappropriate keywords and blocks them in real time!

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  product features
Key Features:
Seamlessly blocks pornography and other objectionable material at the OS level. Since filtering takes place "inside" LindowsOS, you get the most effective web filtering possible
Proven better performance than AOL or MSN "parental controls"
Protection from known "bad" web sites, plus new or dynamically-generated sites
Live, continual updates made to database of "bad" web sites
Easy controls to permanently turn SurfSafe on or to allow an adult to use a password to enable or disable SurfSafe for the ultimate in parental control
Completely "invisible" operation
Requires no additional configuration or software
Works with ANY Internet connection (T1, DSL, Cable Modem, or Dial-up)

  product contents
Built-in operation within LindowsOS for the greatest protection possible
Proven better performance than MSN
Protection from known "bad" websites, plus new or dynamically-generated websites
Daily "bad" website database updates
Permanently turn SurfSafe on, or add password control for ultimate flexibility
Works with any Internet connection, regardless of ISP
Annual Service Subscription

  product system requirements
system RAM recommended: 128 MB

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