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Platform: x86
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Aug. 28, 2003
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format: CD-ROM
packaging: DVD style plastic case
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dbRadar is a tool for the administration, monitoring and development of a variety of Data Bases. dbRadar is available for Linux and Windows. dbRadar competes very favorably with products such as TOAD from Quest Software and NORAD from Bradmark, but at a fraction of the price.
product description


Worksheet - Issue any DDL or DML that is supported by the target database. The result set is presented in a grid from which it can also be saved. A status display will indicate the progress of the query.

Threaded Queries - Queries run in their own thread so that the application remains responsive even during long executions. A special feature for Oracle databases is the ability to break any long running query.

Syntax highlighting - SQL, PL/SQL, C++

Code completion - Makes it quick and easy to select columns you want from your particular database. This feature is only available for Oracle and PostgreSQL currently.

Oracle Applications - Only for 11.0.3 and 11i. You can monitor OA users and kill sessions. An upcoming version will allow you to view concurrent requests.

Remote Info - Gather remote/local HP-UX and Linux load (system, user, idle) and processes.

Database Objects - Users can visually browse database objects (Oracle only).

Save/Load any text files and execute them as SQL scripts.

Print any text in a worksheet.

Tuning - The worksheet provides a tabbed page where the user can see the execution path for the current statement executed in a tree fashion (only for Oracle currently)

Supports statements with placeholders in the worksheet. This way a user can insert something like a large object into the database.

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dbRadar works with the following databases:
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