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Platforms: x86, PPC
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format: CD-ROM
packaging: DVD style plastic case
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BlackAdder is an application development environment that allows professional and hobbyist programmers alike to produce complex applications for the Windows and Linux platforms.

product description

BlackAdder brings together the Python programming language, the Ruby development language (Ruby is temporarily removed until the Qt bindings are updated to Qt3, currently in progress), the Qt graphical user interface (GUI) toolkit, ODBC database connectivity and an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that includes an editor, a GUI designer, a debugger and an interactive Python interpreter. (A Ruby interpreter, debugger and ODBC support for Ruby are not yet available.) BlackAdder gives the programmer, in a single package, all they need to develop sophisticated applications.


BlackAdder requires Python version 2.2.x.

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  product features
Key Features
A complete cross-platform Integrated Development Environment for developing GUI applications in Python and Ruby. You don't need anything else.
Applications run unchanged under Windows and Linux. Protect your investment in your development.
Detailed Features
Organises your Python and Ruby scripts and GUI designs into easy to manage projects.
An editor that includes highlighting of Python and Ruby keywords, automatic indentation, and user configurable fonts and colors.
An interactive Python interpreter (v2.2.x) that allows you to execute any Python commands while your application is running.
The Professional version of the Qt GUI toolkit.
A GUI designer with all the features of Qt Designer and generates Python and Ruby code.
A debugger that supports single stepping and breakpoints and the display of local and global objects in any active Python or Ruby frame.
ODBC database connectivity
10mb of PyQt documentation with lots of examples and two tutorials, this is also available as a stand alone product called PyQtDoc.

  product system requirements
hard disk space: 10 MB
system RAM recommended: 64 MB
Kernel: 2.2.x version

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