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product shot
Barkanoid II
Platform: x86
in stock
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24 hrs.
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status: current
version: -
format: CD-ROM
packaging: Jewel Case
license: See contents below
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Classic and well loved features have been combined with a couple new and challenging features to create a whole new game experience.
You like classic arcade games? Then Barakanoid 2 is definetly one for you!!
product description

Your task is to destroy all tiles on the playing field with your bat and ball. Several monsters will be in your way and make your job that bit harder to complete. Some tiles contain extras that you can pick up. But beware: Some of the extras will make your job even more challenging. Some of these are even dangerous, so make sure you only choose the right ones. And now: Pick up your racket and get the ball rolling!

System requirements:

Mac: G3/400 or higher, 64 MB RAM, 8 MB Videocard, MacOS X, 4xCD ROM

Linux: Pentium II/ 400 or higher, 64 MB RAM, Linux Kernel 2.2 or higher, 3D Videocard with 16 MB memory

Pegasos: tba

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manufacturer website
Epic Interactive

  product features
300 levels
Over 50 extras to collect
9 different bats and balls
Weather effects like snow, rain or fog
Different backgrounds
Edit able bat behaviour
Different stages of difficulty
Many new animations and effects
Save able passwordsystem for each level
Save able highscores
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