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 / root / Technical Books / PHP
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PHP Developer's Dictionary
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24 hrs.
release date:
December 2000
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status: current
Author(s): Allen Wyke
language: English
pages: 720
ISBN: 0672320290
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Popular Web development language PHP has a wide range of inherent functions and extensions - fueling the need for a complete, well-organized reference.
product description

Written specifically for experienced Web developers, the book offers a complete syntax reference for all core PHP and module functions

PHP is the major open source alternative to Microsoft's Active Server Pages, and is currently in use on over 1.5 million Web sites

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SAMS Publishing

  product contents
Chapter 1 - Basic PHP
Chapter 2 - Generating HTML
Chapter 3 - Database Access
Chapter 4 - The Core PHP 4 Language
Chapter 5 - PHP Language Extensions
Chapter 6 - Protocol Extensions
Chapter 7 - Internet-Related Extensions
Chapter 8 - Document-Related Extensions
Chapter 9 - System Extensions
Chapter 10 - Database Extensions
Chapter 11 - Utility Extensions
Chapter 12 - PHP Compilation Options
Chapter 13 - PHP Directives
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