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Apache Server Commentary
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Author(s): Greg Holden, Nicholas Wells
language: english
pages: 592
ISBN: 1576104680
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The authors conduct a line-by-line examination of the core code, as well as the standard Apache modules that control logging, directory indexing, access control, CGI, and many other aspects of running a full-featured Web site. Suggestions are given for customizing Apache.
product description

Apache Server Commentary is intended to provide programmers, Web developers, and students with more structured, systematic, and comprehensive comments on the Apache code than have ever been provided before. The authors have examined 38 modules as well as the core code, and provided extensive comments on the most important functions, system calls, and other elements. Each section is explained with descriptive text as well as a flow chart that illustrates its operation.

The inspiration for this and other books in the Commentary series was the vastly popular Lions’ Commentary on UNIX by John Lions. This book, which has been used and copied by countless computer science students, gives an inside look at the workings of an early version of the Unix operating system.

Apache Server Commentary is also intended to be an "inside" look at the structure and functioning of an extremely popular and powerful program (or, in the case of Apache, a set of interrelated programs). The primary goals of this book are:

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  product features
To provide a printed version of the complete source for a recent version of the server. (Version 1.3.6, which is examined in this book, was the most recent release as this was written.)
To provide a general overview of how each module or core section functions.
To identify the primary functions in each section.
To suggest ways in which developers can customize their own versions of Apache by adjusting the code.
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