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The Book Of Zope
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release date:
October 15, 2001
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Author(s): Beehive
language: english
pages: 350
ISBN: 1886411573
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The Book of Zope
How to Build and Deliver Web Applications
The Book of Zope is the complete guide to Zope, the leading Open Source Web application server. An extensive introduction to Zope's uses and structure, from installation, to ZClasses, ZCatalog, and programming Zope with Python.
product description

Zope, the leading Open Source Web application server, helps teams of developers create and manage dynamic, Web-based business applications like Intranets and portals. Zope makes it easy to add features such as site search, news, personalization, and e-commerce. The Book of Zope is a comprehensive introduction to Zope, covering installation; DTML programming; concepts such as users, roles, and permissions; ZClasses; ZCatalog; databases; programming Zope with Python; debugging; and the use of external data sources. Zope runs on Windows and almost all Unix-based platforms, and includes its own Web server, transactional object-oriented database, search engine, Web page templating system, Web development and management tool, and comprehensive extension support.

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No Starch Press

  product features
About the Author:
Berlin and Washington D.C.-based BEEHIVE develops and supports many Zope-based applications for leading European and North American companies, startups and governmental organizations.

  product contents
Everything from ZClasses and debugging to programming Zope with Python
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