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Creating Dynamic Web Pages Using PHP and MySQL
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Author(s): David Tansley
language: English
pages: 512
ISBN: 0201734028
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Do you want to learn the essentials of PHP in an easy manner with the help of expert guidance and a wealth of practical examples? Would you like to be able to create dynamic web pages and learn how to interact with MySQL database even though you may have little or no experience? Then this book is for you.
product description

You don\'t need prior knowledge of programming, as this book provides you with everything you need to know about PHP, MySQL and how to create dynamic webpages. You learn by example from the many practical examples throughout the book. You will be taught how to create simple web pages first, and then gradually build up to using forms. PHP is the scripting language of choice for Linux server--even if you haven\'t got a web server installed, don\'t worry. The first chapter of this book covers what to install and configure in an easy to understand way. And all the software you need is on the accompanying CD-Rom, which includes apache, Netscape, PHP, and MySQL source code, plus all the scripts from the book.

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Addison Wesley

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Skills you will learn:
How to install and configure the Linux server
Essentials of PHP programming--handling form processing, saving state, loops and arrays, strings and pattern matching, web server variables plus many other features.
Essentials of MySQL database--connecting MySQL with PHP, Guest book application, Gotcha application, and Internal shopping cart application.
How to secure Apache using authentication--web authentication, using PHP to control Access, using a database to store users and passwords, using htaccess files.
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