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MySQL Reference Manual
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June 2002
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status: current
Author(s): Michael Widenius, David Axmark
language: English
pages: 802
ISBN: 0596002653
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This highly regarded and comprehensive reference manual comes directly from the members of the MySQL team. The book covers issues at all stages in MySQL use, from installation problems through performance tuning. Included are suggested uses of privileges to enhance security, many performance tips, and a sophisticated guide to error recovery. It also offers a thorough comparison of MySQL with SQL standards and other databases. No serious MySQL user should be without this book.
product description

MySQL is the most popular SQL database in the open source community and is used almost universally by web sites running on open source systems. As powerful and flexible as it is lightweight and efficient, MySQL packs a large feature set into a very small and fast engine that now runs on more than 500,000 servers. This renowned online manual that has supported MySQL administrators and database developers for years is now available in paperback format. This book is an exact reproduction of the MySQL Reference Manual from the MySQL development team's Web site, minus some non-technical appendices. This version covers MySQL 4.0.

Many sophisticated topics appear in this comprehensive manual, ranging from the hitches you may run into when first installing MySQL to internals that will help you tune your queries. MySQL Reference Manual contains all the comprehensive reference material one would expect for building the product, running administrative utilities, and using various API as well as MySQL's rich version of SQL. In addition, you can turn a page and find such unexpected riches as:

A thorough comparison of MySQL with SQL standards and other databases

A discussion of privileges and suggested uses of privileges to enhance security

Directions for replicating a database and for running several MySQL servers on a single system

Directions for initializing a database from a flat file

Guidelines for estimating the performance of different queries

A far-reaching discussion of optimization, with reference to the implementation of MySQL

Investigations of the differences between data types and the pros and cons of each type of number, string, or timestamp

An extended inquiry into the effects of using delayed inserts

A candid explanation of why various errors occur and how to recover from them

Tips for weighted, full-text searches

Detailed descriptions of the features, strengths, and weaknesses of available table formats

A guide to adding new functions to MySQL

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