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FreeBSD Handbook, 3rd Ed, Admin Guide (Vol 2)
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Author(s): Murray Stokely
language: English
pages: 537
ISBN: 1571763287
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The FreeBSD Handbook is a comprehensive FreeBSD tutorial and reference. This revised third edition has been expanded into a two volume set filled with updated information on the latest FreeBSD technologies.
This second volume provides detailed information for system administrators seeking to setup or maintain network servers running FreeBSD.
product description

The primary topics covered in this volume include :

* Configuration and Tuning

* The Boot Process

* Users and Account Management

* Security

* Mandatory Access Control

* Storage

* The Vinum Volume Manager

* Localization

* Source Updates

* Serial Communications

* PPP and PPP over Ethernet

* Electronic Mail

* Running Network Servers

* Advanced Networking

A User Guide (Volume I) is also available. The Handbook is completely up to date for the latest FreeBSD 4.x and 5.x versions.

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