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  1. Navigating our catalog and ordering

  2. About our products and the products we carry

  3. Shipping & Handling questions.

1.- Navigating our catalog and ordering
1.1.- How do I order your products?
Navigate through our product catalog using the icons on the top left part of our pages. You can search for specific products using the "product finder" located on the upper left part of almost every page.

When you find the product you are looking for, enter its page to view the complete description. You may then click the [order] button to add that product to your shopping cart.

When you are in the shopping cart page you will have the option of changing the quantities you would like to order of the products you have selected, select your shipping options, return to keep shopping or check out.

We will remember your shopping cart's contents for up to 8 hours. To complete your order you may follow the instructions on the shopping cart pages.

2.- About our products and the products we carry
2.1.- What does GPL mean?
GNU Public License is the license that Linux is distributed under. You can read the GPL here.

2.2.- What's the difference between the low cost version of Red Hat and the Official version of Red Hat.

Linux Central CD-ROM
  • CD-ROM(s) that installs Red Hat Linux (Intel) version
  • A complete Linux installation.
  • Source Code (optional)

Official Red Hat Linux (Intel) boxed set
  • This is the same boxed set as distributed by Red Hat software.
  • The price is the only difference.
  • Multiple CD-ROMs
  • Red Hat Manuals.
  • Nice box.
  • Installation support from Red Hat.

3.- Shipping & Handling questions.
3.1.- How long does it take to get my order?
Linux Central makes every effort possible to ship your order as quickly as we can. Most orders are shipped the same day. Our normal cut off for same day shipment is 3:00pm EST. We do not ship on Holidays or the weekends. Actual delivery time depends on where the package destination and what shipping method you choose.

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